Mirror device without launching app in debug mode [SOLVED]

Is there any way to open the device without running the app on iOS? I have a problem - My jobs are not running as the app it’s installing, requires approval(unknown source ) hence it’s just loading and eventually failing to run test cases.
What I need is, install the app - go to settings enable Trust (device management ) and then launch. I tried whatever I could but in vain.

Not sure if this is a long term solution but if you really need it that way,
you can mirror the device using the local Agent icon and the devices list in the top right corner:

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 21.19.52

Or fro the Agents view, under your local Agent, devices:

This will not launch the AUT (application under test).

Sorry for the late response,this wont work .
we uses a local build (Alpha) for regression , user has to enabled ‘Trust’ in settings to run the app . so this is the first prerequisite before Lansing the app otherwise the app wont launch . I was looking for an option to automate these steps before launching the app-
-open settings
go to general-
click on device management
click on App
click on Trust
now start my automation scripts .

You can simply create that automation by automating the settings app on the device, of course the downside is that it needs to be done per device.
Or you can change that setting on the device you are using regularly once.