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Mass downloading existing tests [SOLVED]

Hi all,
is there a way to download each tests in a given project without having to go to each test individually?
The idea is to download the tests and load them into our versioning tool.

you will have it soon with the built-in git integration, you will be able to sync all of your projects/tests to git.

Expected release June/July 2021

Hi Mark,
thanks for the answer.
That would probably solve that issue.
But, wouldn’t it be good to be able to download all test cases related to a job for instance for ‘offline’ execution? (yaml files).

Hi Mark, i Have similar question, how to we run the JOB in offline mode. we need to download seprated test case and then run single test case through CLI each time ? is there any way to run as a job with data source. ?

You can run multiple tests using the CLI by utilizing nested tests, you can call the MainTest, and inside call all the nested tests you want to run, then you can send from MainTest parameters into the nested tests, you can attach a CSV file to the main test by generating a execution package instead of a file


Or you can create a script to execute multiple package files, you can use the following format:
testproject-agent run test1.yaml
testproject-agent run test2.yaml
testproject-agent run test3.yaml
Simply save it into a .bat file and run it when you need.