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Manage multiple applications

Is there a way to set application per job (and not just per test) ?
I’m trying to manage multiple environments (different URLs) for the same project,
in order to do so I created different project for each environment and copied my tests but it is difficult maintaining them that way

Hello @sapir
To set this up, you need to use our API to execute the Jobs:
There you can set the URL Parameter on runtime with the URL of each environment.

@ran.tzur Thank you for answering,
is it the only option in my case ?

By the way - great platform!

That is the best option with the least duplicate Parameters.
It can be achieved using data sources as well but those requite test parameters to be duplicated while using the API only requires one set of Project Parameters, only one for the URL which will be overriden.

Got it, thanks again for the quick respond