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Making mobile automation simplier

Currently, we must write logic separately for both platforms (Android and iOS), which is time consuming and redundant. The platform should support one logic that works on both platforms; of course, the locators must be identified, but I believe this will eliminate duplicate logic writing.Consider this: if you’re writing 20 test cases with some if else on one platform and then need to write the same thing on another, it’s easy to overlook a step/validation. Hope you will comeuppance with some solution

Hi, @it.dishantrawat,
From our past experience, building an automation for 2 platform using a single generic test provide a flaky test that usually need manual repairing, in our research it came to light that it is faster to record an automation once for each platform rather then use a single test both for and trying to fix every step that fails manually.
There are a lot of other considerations as well, a test and elements are made per application and different platform use different locators strategies, you cannot combine on the same element both Android - ID and IOS predicate locator strategis, it will break the self healing capabilities.