Maintenance or outage? plz advise!

Please advise everyone if there is an ongoing maintenance underway or an outage incident taking place. Seeing issues all around and some sort of communication with your user base would be greatly appreciated.

We are experiencing trouble all around today with
I have seen all pages very slow… at one point got kicked out. Our github actions calls to api getting 412s or no response. Tests not showing up as executing. Our agent in the cloud is up and responding.


Test Project is no longer supported. This is a copy/paste from an old thread.

Dear all,

I’m Asaf Saar, VP of Product Management at Tricentis.

The TestProject product is a free product offering by Tricentis, as such, there is no support provided for this product.

We are very happy with the current functionality of the product and do not plan to add any additional features. Our main focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable.

All our commercial products, such as Tosca, Testim, TTA for ServiceNow, etc. offer full support with strong roadmap ahead.

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How about this just being a request for communication regarding the platform? not really a support request… more like monitoring/stability question. You guys should implement a status page.


Hi Asaf,

As you mentioned, the security and stability are the main focus of the company. We are just looking for a stable environment for development and testing but it seems your product failed to do so.


Agreed, please implement a status page for these kinds of issues.