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Maintain browser cookies in automation test window

Is there a way to have the automation run without it clearing the cache/cookies? I need a specific cookie for a login to work, but because the automation clears everything I cannot grab the cookie I need. So I need to open a session without it clearing everything.

Hello @daniela.alvarez
Since the execution opens a clean slate, it won’t save previous cookies.
But, there is an action to set a cookie, so you can do that as the first action, after or before you navigate to the URL.

Hi Ran,
Thank you, yes I am currently using the add cookie action. My problem is the cookie expires every 8 hours so I was hoping if I could open a session when the cache and cookies is not cleared and just use it there. If not I have to manually update the cookie parameters every day.

@ran.tzur is there a way to retrieve a cookie from a non-cleared browser?