Mac issue (disconnects)

For a while now I have been unable to get Test Project working on my Mac. (works fine on PC)

The agent is running, I see my device, I see the screen mirror during the startup phase (recording), but just as it completes it disconnects. I can reselect the device and it just happens again.

Seems its not exactly a Test Project issue, but maybe mac/appium related, as I have similar issues with Appium disconnecting like this.

I removed/reinstalled all I could find related to appium and test project, but the problem is still present.

Is there some sort of ‘cleanup’ I could do here to get it working?

Hi @sam.ver,
Are you able to record web tests?
What is the error message you are getting?
If you have a TestProject/Appium app installed on your device please uninstall it and try again.

I uninstalled the appium agent on device, and when it reinstalled via the testproject agent it worked.

case resolved.

@sam.ver Glad to know the issue is resolved :slight_smile: