Mac Agent not starting

I have a Mac (monterey) and a PC and both have the latest agents 3.5.0. Today the agent on the Mac is not connecting, when I start it it runs for a bit then I see the run dot disappear. On windows it is working fine. The Mac agent has been flaky for a few days now.


Having the same issue. This started after last week maintenance window.

Are you sure on windows is working?

Try this. It works for me.

  1. Delete temporary agent files | TestProject Help Center
  2. Download the agent
  3. Register the agent
  4. Restart the agent, many times, it worked for me.

Is there some magic dust I need to make this work on MAC? It seems to be flaky and once the agent stops working it just refuses to connect. Even a hard reboot doesn’t work. Windows this thing works perfect? Please fix the agent connection on MAC

hey everyone , I am facing the issue that after running my jobs I am unable to see the latest reports . Can you please help me regarding this . @ran.ferdinaro @alex.ivanov @suresondur1 @sheetal.gujarathi @marshal_davout @nvhuu @liuver