Mac agent didn't create the scheduled job report , and didn't send it to slack

There is a new version is released and after I update the version and add the agent
after that, the scheduled job is started but does not get any action that the job is ended and the report not created and not send to slack

Hi @abdelaziz.saber95 :slight_smile: ,

Can you please elaborate on your intention?
Do you mean the latest version of the agent? if you do, please follow this solution:

  • Reinstall the agent and reproduce the job

Let me know if you still experiencing the same issue.

Hi @alex.ivanov thanks for your reply
I still experiencing the same issue after installing the latest version and reproducing the job

Is there any other solution, please?

Hi @abdelaziz.saber95 ,

Please send us your Agent logs for analysis.

You can download the logs and send them to our support email:

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