Lost all my work after maintenance

Hi @eldar ,

After Login I lost all my work. Could you please check it ?


In the same situation. For a few minuts we can see all of test, but after a little time, not see any test

Same here, I can sometimes see the tests but I can’t click on any of them, they disappear.

Also having this issue. After the maintenance period ended, I now receive all the beginning setup modals, then get to my project where no cases load.

i hover the mouse over the name of the project and i can see the number of tests, but when you open there is not a single folder with tests :exploding_head:

Currently, we are not seeing our test cases nor jobs.
Browser console is throwing a bunch of 500, 503 an 520 errors.

Seems to be mostly back up for me. Able to access tests and generate code. Haven’t refreshed though.

Data is loaded but its slow. Hope they fix it soon .
unfortunately everytime they do maintenance, they break something .

I’ve been having this same issue today. They’re showing up but will again disappear. And the agent won’t connect to record, even though it shows connected. (I’ve tried restarting it.)