Looking for an affordable TP replacement

Hi guys,

Been working with TestProject for years now, and i’m very saddened about the End of Life of this awesome tools just like you all.

I went through dozens of calls around with different sales/tech team from other automated test solution, and honestly, nothing seem quite close to Tp in term of ease of use & versatility.

Here’s the tools I personally tried :

  1. TestSigma
  2. Qyrus
  3. testgrid
  4. Endtest
  5. testComplete
  6. Co.meta
  7. Segron
  8. Ranorex
  9. Katalon

Closest competitor in term of UX seem to be TestSigma, for 349$/month for full features (quite expensive), and still lacking some performances.

Testim is great, but pricing is totally off the current market, asking for at least a thousand dollar per month for mobile testing access…Where testgrid offers the exact same features for 59$ a month, or even Qyrus which offers the same for 150$/month.

If someone found a mobile app automation tool, featuring a no code/low code recorder, and the ability to run our local devices (just like tp agent), please enlighten me, we’re definitely ready to pay for a clone of TP, as our automation team took a hard hit.

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