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Longer adaptive wait

I’m using an adaptive wait to pause a validation test step until a particular element has loaded to check that it’s present. Some days my web app runs fine and the max 15000ms adaptive wait suffices but other days like today, it’s taking c.25 seconds to load and for my validation element to be present on the page. Is there any combination of actions that I can use to stretch that adaptive wait out longer? I’ve seen a thread on here about waiting for a loader to become invisible before executing the next step but I think that would run into the same problem.

Hello @mavis.alaneme and thanks for reaching out.

Due to the adaptive wait, the action will be performed when possible until a certain duration of time passes, it will not wait until the max duration passes if it can be performed earlier.

Like you have mentioned, it will performed when an element is rendered and will not wait the rest of the duration of time set for it.

If you want to explicitly wait for longer durations, you can utilize the step pauses. These can be set either globally for the test or for each test step.

More details about the types of wait times for tests available in TestProject can be found here:

Hi @david.goichman, thanks for your reply.

Sometimes my web app is quick to load (well under 15000ms) and other times it can take a while (c. 25000ms) so I wouldn’t want to unnecessarily slow down or fail my tests with an explicit wait on the occasions that it doesn’t take that long.

When I posted my initial question, I thought that the maximum adaptive wait was 15000ms but I’ve just realised that I’m able to input a longer adaptive wait time. I’ve exited the test and reopened it and it still shows as 30000ms. Will the adaptive wait really be up to 30000ms now or is 15000ms the maximum despite what’s shown on screen in the screenshot attached?

The adaptive wait time is not limited to 15 seconds, you can increase it to whichever amount you’d like.

Excellent. I don’t know why I thought the maximum limit was 15 secs but I’m very glad it isn’t. Thanks for your help