Login to my site via Metamask Chrome Extension

Hi there,

I want to know that is there any way to skip the login section to enter into my website to automate other cases for internal pages or features (just after login). Currently, here is my site’s URL https://d2nua0g1l5zx7v.cloudfront.net/ and when recording it via Test project automation tool and navigating to this URL, you have to click on " Login via Metamask" (only option to login to my site). And, when you click on “Login via Metamask”, it redirects you to other tab in the same browser and then you have to install metamask application. After installing metamask and creating or setting up a wallet, now when you come back to site & again click on “Login via Metamask”, it should directly open metamask extension in chrome browser’s tab above. But currently I got stuck here and clicking again & again on “Login via Metamask”, it again redirects me to other tab, but not opening metamask to login me. Please suggest what is the best way to get logged into and record these steps, or is there any other way you can directly go to internal pages after login and record & play only those excluding login part.