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Logged out every 5 minutes or so


Approximately with the start of December working with testproject has become almost impossible. Every 5 minutes or so I am being logged out of the application. I contacted your support and got the response:

Unfortunately, we are experiencing some issues in connection to the servers thus causing this disconnection error message you have been receiving in the past couple of days.
I can assure you that our R&D is hard at work trying to investigate immediate solutions for this issue, which is mainly caused due to our rapidly growing community.
We are in a dedicated effort to mitigate the inconvenience and make sure TestProject can continue to scale with no interference

Do you have an estimated time for when the issue will be resolved or an official update on the matter? I need to provide feedback to the team regarding this situation, as part of my daily work is now blocked.

Hello @SN85,

First of all - let me extend my sincere appreciation for your patience and loyalty to TestProject.

We are taking this issue at very high priority and are aware this is a blocker for you and your team. As communicated by our support team, our community is indeed growing at a rapid pace and the R&D team is working tirelessly to solve these logout issues you have been experiencing ASAP.

We have identified the root cause and you should expect a resolution within a week from now.
I will continue to update this thread according to progress.

Thank you for understanding and being patient as we make sure you receive the best possible experience while working with TestProject.

Hi Karen,

many thanks for your reply. We enjoy working with testproject and appreciate all the work you invest in it - so we’re happy to know that we can remain users of your tool! Thanks for your update.

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This issue is blocking my poc on testproject for my application, which i need to submit my management.
Is thier any estimated end date to resolve this issue?


I’m having the same issue with chrome, but not with other browsers like Edge.
Have you tried with different browsers?

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Hi @ms.meuwese, thanks for your input. This is indeed one of the things that we are investigating.

I want to reassure everyone that this is our TOP priority at the moment, and we will not rest until we resolve it. I can tell you that significant infrastructure upgrades are going on in the background so that you can expect an enhanced user experience in the near future.

Thank you all for your support and patience on this issue.


@ms.meuwese many thanks for your input! Thinking this was a load issue I didn’t even bother trying other browsers, but in Edge I can work at ease!