Local test Agent installation

I am just wondering if I need to reinstall the test agent on my local machine everytime I start working on TestProject.
So far my understanding has been that, when I login to my TestProject project folder, I see that the Agent marker in the top right corner is red meaning there are no agents registered, and it gives me the option to download an agent. Since I have already downloaded the agent (a bash file) for my local machine previously, I just run the bash file again, which starts the entire process of installation, accept user agreement, Press enter, press yes, etc etc. And this seems like something I have to do everytime. Is there a way to skip this installation part if it is already done once. and just do the ‘Start’ test agent part, with a single command or click perhaps. Feels redundant to have to reinstall the test agent everytime. Or am I missing something ?

Hi @somshree.mukherjee,
Are you using a Linux based OS?
Please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to to TestProject>agent>bin
  2. Open your CLI tool from that directory.
  3. Drag the testproject-agent-app file to your CLI tool.
  4. Press enter.
    Your agent should start and you should be able to work with it.
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