Linux - getting error while executing tests in Ubuntu

I have installed the ubuntu on linux machine. I have recorded one test using Mac and downloaded the same as a zip file. Now I want to run the same using testproject-agent cli on Ubuntu machine without registering the same. Here the browser used in the test yaml file is firefox and this browser is available on Ubuntu. When i am trying to run the test zip, getting execution failure and there are no logs created anywhere. Please suggest where i am going wrong here. Thanks in advance.

/testproject-agent run ‘/home/sampad/Downloads/’
Processing execution…
Firefox 97.0 100% [===============================] 12/12 (0:00:19 / 0:00:00)
Execution result: Error
Execution Report Path: /home/sampad/.testproject/agent/reports/Wordpress Login-20220311-155126.html
Execution Report URL: http://localhost:8585/api/report/Wordpress Login-20220311-155126.html
Execution is complete.

Hi @sampad.rout, and welcome to our community,

We’ll need more information about the reports you got from the execution report HTML regarding the scenario.
If you got any error messages there, please write them down here.
It will be helpful.

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