Linking Azure Devops Testcases with Testproject automation Test

is it possible to do On-demand execution of testproject automation test from azure devops testplan->testcases.?

Is there any way to link directly with testcase in azure devops with testproject automation test? So that we can do on-demand execution

Hi @sheena.ignacious ,

  • Currently, you can only use TestProject’s API to integrate with Azure DevOps Service and run automated tests in the TestProject platform as part of your CI/CD flow.

  • Can you please elaborate on your intention?
    More details will be helpful, so I can suggest to you ways to achieve what you desire.

Dear Alex,

Below is one of our sample testcase having direct integration with selenium automation test.

In ADO Testcase, there is Associated automation details are available. These fields are not directly editable from the testcase.

If selenium codes are checked in ADO Project, there is a provision to link an automation test with testcase. At that time, these details will be filled.

Purpose here is we can execute the automation test from manual testcases. So, the status of the testcases will be updated based on the automation test result.