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Lifecycle of add ons

Hi, it’s me again :slight_smile:
As the headline says I have a technical question about the object creation for tests and esp. add ons.
The action of an add on or the tests are defined by the defining class, that is clear. So I was wondering when the class is instantiated. Every time the Action of the add on or the test is performed? Or is there a kind of cache, where the object lives after its first creation until it is deleted after some ttl?

Hello, it’s also me again.

Every time a coded test or action is ran from the platform, it is executed in a separate sand-boxed process.
That process will always create a “clean copy” of the object.

Hi David,
so then it is as I thought, that every time an action is executed in a teststep the according object(s) are instantiated again in their very own sandbox and live only for this small period of time. As a consequence it means for me I should avoid performance=time consuming pre-initializations in the constructor.
Thanks again.