Latest Reports API endpoint

Hi there,

I am trying to build in some automation where I can retrieve the latest test reports for each test. This is working fine when I manually run a test, when run I hit the following end point :-1:


This returns all correct data. However if I schedule the test and this is automated this end point does not seem to update with the new report. I have tested this in the docs sandbox and this also shows the last manual report not the automated scheduled run.

Is this just not possible? I just find it strange as if it did update with the scheduled runs then my automation is complete.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated here.

Thanks in advance

Hi There,

Is there anyone that has used an endpoint for scheduled reports, or any feedback from Test Projects support? I do not think it is a difficult question just if it is at all possible or if the endpoints do contain scheduled data?

Many Thanks

I think something is going on with reports for jobs, all my scheduled jobs are completing but the reports are not generating for jobs.

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply and glad someone else is having the same issue. Has this worked for you in the past?

Many Thanks

I also have a similar problem.
I start my tests with help of the API and if they fail I try to get the report for the specific execution.
But then I get a 404 when retrieving a report.
I can see the state of the specific execution still being Reporting.
Near the end of the agent log I can see this

2022-09-28 06:09:17.753 {executionID} WARN pool-3-thread-2 i.t.a.m.d.k Reporting Manager has been interrupted
The test passed but the reporting failed. It will not show up and I will see no result in TestProject.
THis has happened to me in the past, a few times. Now I can see it way more often.