Language auto-detection

hello testproject community
I am testing the multilingualism of the mobile application.
Is there any way to auto-detect the language of the text?
Thanks for the help!

Hi @zeleznov.sergey,
Currently, there is no such add-on, but you can do the following:

  1. Get the text into a parameter.
  2. Navigate your device to your home page.
  3. Open an app with language detection / open chrome and navigate to a website with language detection.
  4. Paste the text there.
  5. get the language.

Another solution:

  1. Duplicate your test several times and create a grouped test for each language.
  2. Create a step to get a text from a certain element and save it into a parameter.
  3. Set the grouped tests to execute only if the text equals to the text in that language.
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OK thanks
I will test option 1

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