Lack of response from TestProject Support

ok. When you say reports i guess you mean - Test report & steps?
Try clicking on dropdown (little triangle) of any job of your project.

@sheetal.gujarathi see the last execution date and time . But now i not getting and status about jobs

Am not able to get the exact cause, please check if your agent is running & registered.
i can see my latest report like below

Thanks for sharing this important update @Randall :pray:

@sheetal.gujarathi i am using mac . and i have reinstall the agent also but it still not shown the latest reports . But when i am using the agent that i register on my windows machine then latest reports are shown .

@hur_2 Thank you for updating here , glad that you are able to view your latest reports.

yes but when i am using my own local agent i am unable to see the latest reports . @sheetal.gujarathi

@sheetal.gujarathi can we please set up a call on zoom so you can look into my issue . May be the issue will resolve .

When did you decide to quit support? You used to have really good support on all issues, and now you decided to quit it. From the start, there was a support. You know, we build our test automation framework on your free product, happy with the support we get. You didn’t write in description of TestProject that there is no support provided, but suddenly after 2 years you stop providing it. And you shouldn’t be happy with stability of your product, because there are some serious bugs that need your attention, and you ignore customers questions (like disk space issue etc.)


I am facing an issue to View/record the iOS devices. This was working fine before upgraded to iOS 15.6. After update it stopped working. Can anyone please help?

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@sheetal.gujarathi can we sync up a call if you have some time to debug my issue please.

Hi Shradh,

I am facing the same issue, it seems that the iOS drivers are not updated in the agent with the new version 15.6 I hope TP Update de drivers. @asaf.saar

I tried reaching you. Send me your complete mail id. We can have meet session.

@sheetal.gujarathi here is my mail id “

Hi, currently my agent shows not registered & am not able to run tests like you all. Its asking me to re register even though my agent is in ready status.

Same . after today’s maintenance this issue occurs .

Previously it used to be on weekends, now its on weekdays too?

Don’t know why their team is not proactively look into this issue .

@sheetal.gujarathi can we sync up a call if you have some time now ?

This has been happening to me for a while. If you delete the the agent and re-register (I use same name) it works. You will need to restart the agent on your browser. I have also had the issue where I needed to remove it from the mobile devices and let the drivers be reinstalled.

Hope this helps.