Lack of response from TestProject Support

I dont understand why Tricentis is creating similar child companies with poor quality ,they should rather focus on one and make I better .

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It’s sad really. I sang praises about this platform in front of both my organisation, and the client, and started on a new project, and what do I see, there is no support whatsoever available now. No one from TestProject team responds to the emails, or any forum questions.


The option for a paid service is something I think my company would consider too. Having said that, I am not sure I want to be giving money to a company that does not value customer communication


Tagging @amit.yahav as he has been the one most recently posting answers…

and @Karen.Teboulle the COO .

She’s no longer with TestProject according to her LinkedIn

you are right. There were total 11 members(moderators ) associated with Test Project , I can see none of them are active anymore ,their ‘last seen’ was a month back .May be they all left?

Dear all,

I’m Asaf Saar, VP of Product Management at Tricentis.

The TestProject product is a free product offering by Tricentis, as such, there is no support provided for this product.

We are very happy with the current functionality of the product and do not plan to add any additional features. Our main focus is ensuring the product is secure and stable.

All our commercial products, such as Tosca, Testim, TTA for ServiceNow, etc. offer full support with strong roadmap ahead.


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I remember the presentation from the last year with a big roadmap of TP development… Now, we have the confirmation that it will not happen. That’s why there are so many bugs with infrastructure, schedules, outages etc.
Tricentis bought the commercial project, so it is in their interest of “moving” clients from free TP to paid Testim. That’s all. Money always win.


There are many ways to do exactly that, which would be acceptable, like for example offer a deadline for support/cloud TP users, offer some discount (free month, 1 USD giftcard ) and road map to migrate TP users to Testim.IO…etc.

They all start with communication, not a sudden message saying bye bye, I dont really trust moving into a paid service if this is how clients are treated.


agreed. The fact @asaf.saar is replying to a Forum post to update us on the future of one of their products speaks volumes about Tricentis and their inability to communicate with users of their product. Simply turning off the tap and walking away is not a product management strategy. A simple email about this a few months back should have been the very least they did.

I want to keep using TestProject and would happily pay to use it. Instead we’ll probably have to look for an alternative, since it appears Tricentis have no more interest in this product (as I type this the website is not loading reports).


Hi @asaf.saar ,
If we decided to change into one of those products, will you migrate all the testcases? and reports?
Or everything will need to be redone from scratch…?


Totally agree with you.

I’d also have less of an issue with them dropping support and adding new features if the platform was more stable and reliable. Sadly it’s been anything but that over the last 2 months…

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One of the reasons I decided to start using TP was that Tricentis owned it, so consistency would not be a problem. Too bad that you decided to sink TP off, since without (minimal) support the community will wither away. At least you could start offering support for a fee…


Additional info following the recent queries:

  • We are monitoring the product stability and working into improving it.
  • There are no plans to create a paid version of TestProject or offer support.
  • As this is a free product offering, Tricentis isn’t able to negotiate custom contracts on its use.
  • We are exploring potential migration options to Testim, yet no plans have yet been defined. Happy to share more details when decisions take place.
  • Please reach out if you are considering a switch to Testim or Tosca, happy to support you throughout the process.

Asaf Saar
VP of Product Management, Tricentis

thanks for the update, Asaf. If there are further changes to the product offering can someone from TestProject communicate that out via email etc? A lot of us have spent a lot of time recently writing messages on here and sending emails to your support team only to now find out that you’ve changed policy without notice and discontinued Support.

Also, can you please confirm if people from TestProject/Tricentis are at least monitoring the Forum even if you’re not replying to messages? With the constant outages on the platform we need some way of letting TestProject know when the platform isn’t working. Thanks.


I can confirm that Tricentis people (TestProject is Tricentis :wink: ) monitor the system for outages and we also monitor the forum. As said, we are monitoring the product stability and working into improving it.

Further changes, if and when needed, will be communicated via the proper channels, like, email to the community, forum, etc.

Thanks and happy testing!


Hi Asaf, Is there any product in tricentis that offers Mobile app automation ?
I checked Testim - it doesnt support mobile automation . Tosca - Its not available on Mac and not sure if it supports either.

Tosca supports Mobile, moreover, you can connect iOS devices on Windows, so a Mac machine is not needed, even though if you need, Tosca Mobile support MacOS as well, for Simulators or Real Devices. In fact Tosca Mobile uses TestProject Agent and SDK for Mobile.
You can see Tosca Mobile in the Webinar: Enabling Perfect Digital Experience for Global Enterprises | Tricentis and HeadSpin Webinar - YouTube
Docs: Get started with mobile test automation

As for Testim, we are building the mobile capabilities from TestProject into Testim, this will be available later this year. Would love to sign you up for early access / beta once available so you can help us mature that towards general availability.