Lack of response from TestProject Support

Has anyone else noticed a massive decline in quality from TestProject Support? They used to be really good at answering questions and responding to issues (both on here and via email).

I have been emailing for weeks about a storage space issue with my account and not received a response. When the same thing happened last year they responded very quickly and resolved the issue immediately. We also don’t get responded to on this Forum anymore, meaning that when the platform is down we get no response from TestProject to let us know they’re working on resolving the issue.

Also, they used to have a Support Chat feature where you could easily contact someone on Support and you would get a response within a few hours. This got replaced by a Chat Bot that is of no use.

I’m assuming this decline in Support quality is a wider policy change, which is a real shame because TestProject is such a great product, but now I spend so much time trying to resolve issues without ever hearing a word back from Support.

I hope this improves soon. Our company would happily pay for TestProject if it meant a more stable platform and reliable Support.


Yessss I agree. They havent responded to 2 of my emails and one my issues lies idle without any response since 3 days on one of the forums.
Really worried. Wondering if I should switch to some other tool or move to some other because cant help myself here :frowning :frowning:


It is incredibly frustrating that Test Projects tool works really well for what we need, and is free, but it goes down and there’s no feedback about it. The lack of responses or acknowledgement is what really gets me - I’d like to at least see a message saying “We are aware of this issue and are resolving it”. Sometimes it feels like they’ve just upped and left the project.

I’m with you on this though, we would pay for this service if it meant more reliability. When we started using it there were no issues for a long time but recently it’s been problem after problem.


I am waiting for their reply since last 2 weeks …


Yeah, a few months back, I was having a back and forth with one of their representatives, and then they dropped my issue halfway through. I tried multiple times to restart the chat, but I never got a response after that. About the same time, they also dropped almost all activity on the forum and the issues with TP becoming more and more unreliable really started ramping up. I wonder if a bunch of their support and development staff quit or something?


May want to take a look at Testim it’s a lot like TestProject (both owned by Tricentis) but they have a paid version so it maybe more stable. My company is considering moving to this tool if testproject doesn’t get better and quickly.

Completely agree. Wonderful product, terrible response time. I even went so far as to ask on LinkedIn and have received no response. @marat ? After building all of our tests and UI around TP, (albeit still in somewhat early stages), I don’t want to have to start up again with a new product like TestIM after figuring most of the current caveats with TestProject.

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Same here.

And we are ready to pay for a more stable solution, because the product is great.

@gareth.arch @Randall @jbauer @hcl47052 @wajihhaider7 @hosting-monitoring-e
I’ve emailed their parent company via Contact Us | Tricentis and got a quick response back from an account manager. So I’m going to give them a call and talk about the issues of platform reliability, response time from support, and mention that we’d be happy to pay for the product. Feel free to do the same :slight_smile:


I will definitely be doing this. I just saw that TP has reverted my tests to an older version. I fixed some flakey tests on 6/23 and now I am missing all of those test results (which were passing) and also, it decided to revert my tests back. The test on 6/23 had 14 steps (checked in github) while the ones that the job ran only has 13? Where is it even getting those tests? Surely it should be pulling those latest ones.

Totally share the same opinion as you. The product is so good that even we are willing to pay for it so that the platform still revives the same quality it used to have. support has gone for a toss. Became pathetic.

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Yes. About to start a new project and I have made a huge song and dance about Test Project. The product as well seems to have regressed. Try creating a manual step and manually adding ‘Type’. You will be waiting for ages. This is very poor.

The bot is useless as well we may need to reconsider and go back to just using Visual Studio framework.

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@sheptinstall - Please let us know if your Tricentis conversation goes well and if they can offer any insight to the future of TestProject.

I’d recommend everyone contact both Testim and Tricentis and have these same conversations.

If we have to go via Tricentis then it means, Testproject is over. Have anyone given a thought about backup ?

yes , pls update us .I dont think we will hear anything from Testproject.

I dont understand why Tricentis is creating similar child companies with poor quality ,they should rather focus on one and make I better .

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It’s sad really. I sang praises about this platform in front of both my organisation, and the client, and started on a new project, and what do I see, there is no support whatsoever available now. No one from TestProject team responds to the emails, or any forum questions.


The option for a paid service is something I think my company would consider too. Having said that, I am not sure I want to be giving money to a company that does not value customer communication