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Key Event on Media Playback Android

Trying to use the Send Key Add On with Key Event Values - KeyValue = 4 works well which is back but when I use the other Key Event Values like 90 for KeyEvent  |  Android Developers does not work - any ideas? trying other key event values as well.

Hi @gpaneda,
It depends on the application, your application might not recognize these events. on VLC apk for example event 90 moves 10 seconds forward.
If you wish to skip media try Send event “87” which also works, seems like your application do not contain these shortcuts I would suggest checking with your developers.
Let me know if you managed.

Yeah found a way and our application does not recognized the events - talked to our developers - the solution was particularly awkward and brittle so I’m leaving this alone for now - thanks for the help

No problem,
Feel free to reach out any time! :grinning: