Jobs scheduled seems to be triggered twice

Hi TestProject, we found an issue where our job is only scheduled to run once a day but somehow when it runs, the job runs twice. This has been happening to some of our jobs since 26th April and we tried removing the schedule and setting it up again on the same time it still happens. Need help on this

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Same has been happening here. Luckily, unscheduling the job caused it to only run once instead of twice for us. TestProject has been very quiet since this issue started, so not sure what is going on. Hopefully they are preoccupied working on a fix, but who knows?

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How did you unschedule the jobs? Do you remove it manually from the job or from API?

I have the same issue for a last few weeks. Generally, it seems like technician support for TP has been limited. There are so many new issues, bugs on this forum… and there are still unresolved.

You can just click the schedule option for a job and turn the toggle off. Sometimes this will fail. Keep trying until it succeeds.