Jobs Running After Being Unscheduled

Yesterday I noticed that several of my jobs were running twice, despite only being scheduled once. I figured I would remove the scheduled run from all my jobs to see if there was some issue there, but all of the jobs that ran an additional time yesterday ran today, despite no job being scheduled to run. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Same here, scheduling malfunctioning.

  • Some scheduled jobs where disabled
  • I can’t seem to change the status of scheduled items
  • Some scheduled jobs run twice
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I’ve been having this issue for days. I also can’t delete Jobs. Any information on when Jobs will be fixed @ran.ferdinaro ?


Happens to me too. Some jobs run twice, some don’t run at all, and changes made to scheduled jobs are not saved. I’m also seeing many errors on runs that are unrelated to the actual tests, but to specific add ons, integration with dropbox, stuff like that.
For some reason I get no reply from support for over a week now…

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I’m in the same situation and support hasn’t answered me over a week…
Has anyone new news?


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