Jobs - creating sub folders and setting a data source per Job

Hi. I love TestProject. It has proven to be incredibly useful and easy to use for our company. So I just want to start by saying thank you for your wonderful project. I have three suggestions for improving the “Jobs” panel on the right-hand side.

  1. We have a lot of Jobs and we end up having to scroll up and down the page to find the Job we’re after. We would love it if we could organise the Jobs better and create sub folders to house our Jobs, similar to how you’ve done it for Tests. And if it would be possible to maintain your view of the Tests while clicking through the Jobs panel that would be fantastic.

  2. We’d love to be able to set a data source per Job, rather than just per test within a job. At the moment if we create a Job then we’re having to click on each individual Test to set the data source. This is time consuming and it’s easy to miss a Test.

  3. It would be great if you could click on your desired Job and have it pop-up with the list of Tests in it, similar to the view you have when you click Edit on a Job. It can be difficult to see the list of Tests you have in a Job if you have a lot of Tests.

Thank you.

Hi @sheptinstall,
Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:
Currently, you can filter your search by job types (Web, iOS, and Android).
Also, you can search for jobs by their names, and you can add tags to your jobs and search for tags.
Regarding the other queries, I will let you know if these suggestions are added to the roadmap.