Job reports are showing errors

I’ve been trying to run a job with my agent for the past few days. While it runs as per normal, I wasn’t able to get a conclusive report from it.


When I tried to download the full report, it showed a different result.

May I know how should I resolve this?

Hi @fadz,
Please quit the TestProject Agent and then clean these folders:

coded-tests, data-sources, addons, apps, executions, logs, temp, workers-executions

also delete the following file:


You can find them here:


Open the Start menu, type %appdata%\TestProject\Agent\ and hit enter.


Open Files Finder and choose Go form the top menu, select Go to Folder and type:
~/Library/Application Support/TestProject/Agent

Navigate to ~/.testproject/agent/

Then start your agent again.
If it doesn’t work, uninstall your agent and install version 3.4.2.
Then, try again.