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Job Execution Locally Using CLI


Is it possible to run Jobs locally?
My “Main Test” consists of several “Small Test” and I would like to have the consolidated report.
Running multiple tests in a single run doesn’t seem to do it.

e.g testproject-agent run test-package-1.zip test-package-2.zip test-package-3.zip -r LOCAL_REPORT

Hey hanselian,
Running an entire job is not yet implemented, however if you wish to create a workaround that option that will generate a single report you can nest all of the tests within the job into 1 main test the package will have all it’s dependencies and nested tests and you will be able to run this locally generating a single report.

I was about to do that workaround, just making sure I’m not missing anything. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the response!


I ran a test case through CLI and it ran successfully. But the title of the execution report was Job report and a job was created by that test case name in the test project UI. Please explain why this happened. I used the following command for running the test case:

testproject-agent run test-case-name.zip