Job Email: Full report link can be routed to the full report PDF directly

Current Implementation: “Full Report” / “Full” in email is routed to test project application - report section.

Suggestion: This can be enhanced (modified), so that when user clicks this Full report link - can get the full report (PDF) downloaded.

Reason: All stakeholders won’t be having access to test project platform. Generally, we use extent / allure PDF reports to send via link / attachment - based on needs.

Workaround: Using Test Project API - getting the full report URL & sending an email.{projectId}/jobs/{jobId}/reports/latest

Even the same can be done for message delivered via webhook.

Hi @mubeen.corestack,
Thanks for the feedback, however PDF reports are generated at the time of request, meaning they are not stored in TestProject but they are generated in real time when you request them. So including a link in the email or slack channel is not currently possible as we don’t have them generated in advance.
It’s possible to capture the webhook, edit the structure and add the report to it from TestProject API endpoint and then forward it to an application like a slack using a 3rd party tool that allow you to capture and change webhook requests.

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Thanks for the information. Fine, since we have a workaround for this.

Sure @mubeen.corestack,
Feel free to contact us anytime. :slight_smile: