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Job and Datasource

Good morning,

I was wondering if there are plans on turning this API into the UI interface, and if so, when?
Currently, we have different environments (applications: test, dev, UAT, sandbox, etc.) in which depending on the environment we are testing in, the parameters varies. Executing a test case using a data source works great; however, we do not have the option to pick which environment to execute all of our test cases and jobs using the different parameters from a data source. For example, execute Job 1, Job 2 and Job 3 (each containing 100+ test cases) in Test environment (app). Currently, this can be done by selecting the datasource individually for each test case, but not for the Job containing a group of test cases.


Hello @luis.stolk
You’re right, right now the only way to achieve this is to select the data source you want to use in each test in the job.

It sounds like an amazing future, thank you for that.
In fact, we have a task to improve the process and it is on our roadmap, hoping it will be available soon.
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Thanks Kfir for your respond.
On the positive side we could use the TestProject API and execute our job with parameters assigned using a data source.

Many thanks!