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JIRA IssueType List

I am trying to click on a list item in the Create Issue screen for a JIRA Issue.

I can find the project and click on it by text:

but the same method does not work for the IssueType Field:

I have tried adding elements by their text (xpath) attributes and tried using the two x path parameters that it generates for me together and separately
when i run that it passes but clicks on the wrong item.

i have also tried adding the item by 'link text (both by itself and with other locators) and that fails either way.

the problem is that the item is not always in the same position as a list, none of the list specific actions work as it is a div and the test recorder doesnt recognise it as a standard list with list items
here are the attributes detected on the only parent item i can find on screen for the list

Im hoping all the screenshots I pasted in here will show up when i post this and that someone out there has automated JIRA Issues and knows how to find the item in the list by name and click it?


Hi Kim,

Sometimes I have trouble with the same thing as you, dynamic elements on the page. If what you are testing is not strictly tied to the UI, you might be able to use JIRA REST API to create the JIRA issue which is a more direct path.

I have no idea how to access the JIRA api from testproject UI and I am a new testproject user and haven’t yet figured out how to get the sdk working with intelliJ IDE so i cant do anything that involves writing my own code till I work through that with the support ppl at testproject.

i ended up solving this by clicking into the field,and just typing the issue type in there, which worked at first then it started just appending the typed name to the existing name, so I had to get it to send a backspace key a whole lot of times first before typing.
simply because none of the usual actions to clear the field were available for that element presumably because the locator does not see it as a textbox whose contents can be cleared.
i will look into using the JIRA rest API once i get the sdk

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You are right, you need knowledge of API testing to do this. My approach is different than the one you are doing through the UI. Maybe there is a way to do what you are asking, but I’m afraid I don’t know how it works either.

FYI you don’t need to go necessarily go through the SDK to use the API. There is a RESTful API client addon for TestProject which gives you the following methods:

Something for you to explore later. I’ll let the experts answer whether you can solve the Jira Issue Type problem in a more direct way.