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Jenkins runs cause ERROR: Unable to trigger TestProject job - 401

I have a Jenkins pipeline job. When I build the job fails within seconds and throws this error in the console: ERROR: Unable to trigger TestProject job - 401 [BXQmGZl6]
Finished: FAILURE
If I paste a new API into the Jenkins System Configuration, I can then run the job w/o error. I’ve tried generating a new API key but it still fails. This happening now on a daily basis.

Hello @rhernandez
Could you please send an email to our support email so we can schedule a Zoom session?


I’ve been chatting with Ran in support for a few months about this and there’s supposed to be a bug logged for this issue. We had a zoom about this issue a while back as well. He will update me when he gets any updates. It’s a little frustrating as I need to re-paste my API key on a daily basis or at least a few times a week. I posted in the forum to see if anyone else was experiencing this issue.