Jenkins error; Body is an instance of File. length: [0]


We’re using Jenkins to run our jobs from TestProject. Therefore we’ve installed the Testproject plugin for Jenkins and we’ve installed an Agent to run our jobs from.

Running a TestProject job in Jenkins is not an issue, however while using the Update testproject Datasource step in Jenkins, TestProject gives back an Error;
“Body is an instance of File. length: [0]
Error: C:\Tools\Example.csv
ERROR: C:\Tools\Example.csv”

We’ve checked everything on our side;
CSV does exist,
The user the agent is running on can access the file
Running a job without updating datasources is not a problem.

So why is Jenkins returning this error? Or how can we debug this issue?

Thanks in advance!

And the CSV file has some content of course. :slightly_smiling_face: