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JavaScript error while using smart test recorder

I’m testing a website and when I use smart test recorder I get an error message stating that JavaScript is not enabled and must be. This error is not present when running the test after manually setting it up, only in smart test record.

Is there a way to force smart test recorder to turn JavaScript on?

Is there any chance you could post a screenshot of the error you are getting and explain the situation a bit more?
You can’t record the test using the recorder, but when editing the steps manually and running it, the test works fine?

Unfortunately, due to the NDA, I can’t share any more details; but your assumption is correct.

In test recorder: “JavaScript is not enabled” error
manually edited steps: error not present while running test
separate Selenium/Java framework: error not present while running test

I tried disabling my JavaScript and failed to load the recorder myself, let alone the site in Chrome.
Any chance you can verify if JS is enabled in your browser or it is disabled in the recorder window where you get the error?