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[Java SDK] Can I add local apk file using java?


I have:

Runner runner = Runner.createIOS(developerToken,deviceUdid,deviceName,iosBundle);

but I would like to use something like that:

Runner runner = Runner.createIOS(developerToken,deviceUdid,deviceName,[path_to_local_apk_or_ipa_file]);

It is possible?

Hi bartlomiej.marek!

Instead of doing it in the code the best way is to make your test and upload it to TestProject platform. After this you can simply select or upload the local application to run test on.

Thank you Vladyslav for quick respond. One more question. In generated code there is io.testproject.java.annotations.v2.Test; but I would like to use TestNG/JUnit or Cucumber. It is possible?

You can use both JUnit or Cucumber instead of TestProject sdk annotations to run your test locally.

It’s important to use Test annotation for tests you uploading to platform. If you want to run your test in future on TestProject platform you just need to add this annotation then.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: