Java Generated code Problem

Hello, I generate code but cannot run via eclipse. After generating code there are 2 options. 1-Testproject OpenSDk, 2- TestProject legacy SDK. If I select 1, it doesn’t create runnerclass, If I select 2, it doesn’t accept project as a Java Project. My agent version is 3.5.0. I use, java 11, eclipse latest version and gradle 6.0.1. Where is the problem? Please help me, Thanks

Hello ,@meidan.nasi, @david.goichman

Hello, @ahmadsufian.sokhaimi @ahmadwaqar , Do you have any solution?

Hello @eldar , any solution

Hello @eldar @moderators ,
While generating code, Below issues faced:

  1. few condtions were missed in code
  2. extra $ symbol append with json path against getValueFromJSON action
  3. Repeat not working accordingly index values reset on each repeat
  4. Few variable undefined.

Kindly suggest.

Hi @amit.yahav , Do you have any solution?