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Issues with Report generated using Open SDK

The reports are not properly picking up before class, before method, after method etc… (testng annotations)

So disabled the auto report and started using ReportingDriver getDriver() to make test and step entries

But still am facing issues when i make step entry that takes a snap shot

This Test Project report is not proper and as issues mostly with tesng annotations

Please reply as soon as possible

Hi @vinothone2one. Can you please elaborate a little on what works and doesn’t work?
Are you running any special driver commands in your before/after methods that you want to be reported as part of your test?
The steps that take a screenshot are reported from the main test method? And what exactly isn’t proper in the report?


Thanks a lot for getting back, let me explain in a better way

  1. When use the default auto generated reports:
    Created 2 simple test cases and executed, so default test project cloud report can be created. Gave test name so it can reflect in the report. The problem in the test case name column started seeing @Before Class, @ BeforeMethod and @AfterMethod method names which is not needed. And also saw entries like run (which was in appropriate

Please refer the attached image

Now i disable the Auto report and wish to create my own test cases and test steps

I implement the interface “ExceptionsReporter” and override the method ReportingDriver getDriver()

When i have multiple step entries and execute 3-4 test cases with multiple test methods (from testng.xml file), Step entries of are not properly displayed under respective test names (some step entries of other test cases combined within different test names)

If we can have a call can show it in live :slight_smile:

The test project report is more compatible with JUnit5 rather than TestNG is what i feel. Please do the needful

Attached is my coded test with Report entries and also the Test Project report:)

In the report i see 2 entries of each test case and also the @AfterMethod entry (teardown) [ it is not needed)

shai.glatshtein_prd Did you get a chance to look into it :slight_smile:

Hi @vinothone2one

Performing any kind of actions (including manual reporting) in a method annotated with a JUnit attribute will infer a test and report the driver commands under his test. For clarity, I would propose adding the @DisplayName annotation so that it will be easier to understand what exactly this “test” is.

Please send a mail to support@testproject.io with your timezone details and preferred time for an online zoom meeting so that we can handle this case live and find the optimal solution for your reporting needs.

Am available in this window: 4pm IST to 10 pm IST

Hi @vinothone2one. We tried to reach you over the Intercom chat. Can you please reply us there?

6:30 pm to 10 pm IST am available. So any time within this window is fine