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Issues after upgrading agent to version 2.0

After upgrading my agent from 0.XX to 2.XX, I’m having several NEW problems. My test suite went from 3% failure on average to 30%, which is completely unacceptable. Here are a couple common ones:

  1. My tests are littered with “failed downloading addon…” errors in both failed and passed tests. I had never seen this error before upgrading, where is it coming from?
  2. There is a new problem with the “Close window” action, which I use in several tests. Whenever a window is closed, all subsequent actions fail with a “no such window” error. Even trying to “get window handles” fails with that error, which makes no sense.

I need to downgrade back to a 0.XX version of the agent to return my suite to a stable state. Please advise where I can find a package for this version.

Not sure if this will help you or not, I had the “failed downloading addon”, transpires i have an addon with an availble update, after updating to the latest version it worked.

If this doesnt help, sorry for wasting 4 seconds of your life :slight_smile:

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