Issue with Edit Element

Due to some maintenance on the page under test one of the fields got a different ID.
Not big deal, I just want to change the selector used and I will be fine.
This seems to be more difficult than I had anticipated.
Under elements I find the element I need and I click edit.

Then I change the value of the used css selector. But the save button is greyed out.

Ok, I cancel and try again. I edit the Element and I add a new CSS Selector.
I move the selector to the top place and remove the old selector.
The save button is still greyed out.
Then I go to my Tests and find the step where I check on the field.
There I click to edit the element.
Now it is as if I have to create a new element.

That is possible, I add a css selector and now have to fill in a name.
As soon as I get out of the name field, in red there is a warning.
This element name already exist. Please choose a different name.

It is a little strange, but possible. so I choose a different name.
Same message.
ok, now I just randomly slap key on my keyboard.
The element name already exists.
Now I use the unix epoch timestamp

And the message does not want to change.
This element name already exist. Please choose a different name.

Now how can I update the selector of an existing element of create a new element, when I cannot save anything?

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Hi @matthijs.risselada ,

There is some maintenance work going on, we are facing this kind of issues from last few days. Because of this we cant edit the Elements & we cant record the test scripts.

We have already reported the same to them.
You can follow this → Is the system down? - #32 by alex.ivanov


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Thanks for your answer. I will follow your topic and hopefully TestProject will solve this soon.

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This issue is solved now for me.
I can close this topic.

for me this is happening again today…

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I am facing the same issue today.

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it’s very serious problem as very difficult to debug/ edit the test case

I’m again experiencing the same issue after being able to edit Elements later in the day yesterday.

Observing this today at the moment

Hi all,
We have made significant progress, and the issue regarding the recorder should be resolved.
As you know, our team is working to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
TestProject is currently undergoing a migration process, so you might occasionally encounter some downtime.

If you are still facing related issues, try the following solutions:

  1. Follow this document to empty cache.
  2. Restart your computer.

If you are still experiencing these issues after following said solutions:

  1. Restart your agent.
  2. Reproduce the issue.
  3. Send the agent logs of today for analysis to

You can download the logs and upload them here as shown below:

Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.