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Issue with Andriod device - not able to mirrorred

Failed to create driver session. Check device is configured for automation and try again.

Hi I am not able to connect my RealMe device on windows10 mobile. while mirroring , it is installed some Appium Settings app on the mobile and it is failing to install due to which session is not able to create

Please help me here

I am also facing the same issue.My Device is Redmi 7sNote. After updating to the latest Agent 0.63.7, this issue started.

HI @swapnil.surwase

For RealME device please ensure that you have enabled the required options:

RealME developer options

Some RealMe device need to have this option enabled - “Disable Permission Monitoring”.

Go to developer options and enable this 3 options:

And that is it, everything should work now.

Also use the File Transfer (MTP) connection type when connecting your device

Hi @soma.excel

Please check this options in your Xiaomi device:

USB debugging
USB debugging(security settings)
Install via USB

Also use the File Transfer (MTP) connection type when connecting your device

thank you. Issue is resolved now after doing additional settings as recommended… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi @Vladyslav

Facing the same issue here, Device: Samsung-sm_a105f

Kindly assist…

Hello @kevin.okeyo.

As mentioned in this thread, this is most likely caused by the device not being configured for automation in it’s developer settings menu.
Please make sure all relevant settings are enabled, such as USB debugging, installing apps via USB etc.

You can find general advice about the device not being mirrored/recognized here:

All settings have been enabled as below:
test proj 1

the error pops up when trying to run a test project…

I was referring to the developer settings on the device itself, not the information in the agents tab (authorize/deauthorize).

Tried all the steps including device reset, and still getting the same error…

Endless loop here…


Kindly check compatibility with Samsung a105f

Could you please send us you agent logs in the support chat?

You can find the chat through this icon on the site:


And you can find the logs here, this will download a zip: