Issue with a test

Hi, i’m having an issue with a test.
Doing the step-by-step, i type an account email in a textbox but when the next step triggers, the input data is deleted from that textbox
However if i type the data manually i don’t experience the issue
Help please?..Thank you in advance


Hello @wmarzilio, and welcome to our community!
Can you please share a screenshot? When zooming through this .GIF the text gets blurred.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro
Here are the screenshots

1 - clicking step-by-step (or auto) the email is typed in the textbox

(i chaged the action “type text” because stopped working, i’m using type usingJavaScrypt)

2 - In step 3, when clicking the Sign In button, the email is deleted

Hi @wmarzilio,
This error you encounter with the ‘Type text (using JavaScript)’ action seems to be caused by the website itself as it doesn’t allow it.
Can you please send the error you receive when using the ‘type text’ action?
There has been a temporary issue on Chrome’s side which could have caused the issue you are experiencing with the ‘type text’ action, however, the issue has been resolved and the action ‘type text’ should work for you.

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