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Issue on Android Device after Installation of TestProject Agent

Got an issue on my android device:

After the setup of the Agent on my mac and the developer setting on my android device, refresh icon appeared with blank page everytime on loading the page of any app instead of the loader.

I have tried in 3 devices and faced the same issue on each of them.

Also, I did factory reset on my device to check if its really TestProject issue and the App worked as expected(loader appeared instead of refresh icon).
Again, when I connected my device with Mac and started the Agent - refresh icon Appeared instead of loader.

Hello @siwangishah,
Are you able to screen mirror your screen By pressing this button?


If not probably you have missed some developer settings on your device, may I ask what device are you trying to connect?

Yes, I am able to screen mirror & also I am able to run the tests.
The refresh icon instead of loader icon is occurring on my physical device.
Device detail:

Also, I am attaching the screenshot for the reference.

Hello @siwangishah
I would like if you could send your agent logs to better troubleshoot it, but for that we can move our conversation to the chat, you can find us here on the bottom right

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