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Is there any way to update locator in an element?

Is there any way to update locators in elements? My devs, change totally elements and TestProject doesn’t find them. I’d like to update these elements, but is there any way to do that automatically? TP just says that it cannot find them. I know that I can copy manually locators, but any other way using recorder?

Hello @michal.zaczynski,

There are 2 ways you can update your elements:

  1. Elements Repository - where you can manage your elements: add, delete, edit, and update. it contains folders for each of your tests, which contains the elements created while recording the test.

Located in the left sidebar in your project




  1. Using the TestProject recorder - you can open the test and edit its steps, click on the steps where you perform an action on the elements, in the “Element” section you’ll be able to click on the edit button for editing its name, type, description, and locators.



Thank you, but my question is about next steps when I have already open above edit window (in recorder or element repository).Do I have to manually copy xpath etc. or is there something like “update button” which I click, then I click the object on the webpage and the element from repository will be updated?

Hey @michal.zaczynski

Currently, that option is not available, however, that sounds like a great idea and we will consider it in a future release.

As of now the previous suggestions I’ve stated in this thread are your go-to solutions to the problem at hand.

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