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Is there any way to go to step if one step passes or fails (more like to apply condition to goto step)

Is there any way to navigate to another step if the condition is true?
Like to carry on the test if one test passes?

Hello @hamza.rasheed42.

We’ve recently added the option to include conditions in steps, allowing them to be executed only if the conditions are true.
You can use this to implement your own IF/ELSE logic in your tests, see examples here:

Currently, there isn’t an option to go to another step in the test directly, however it’s a great idea for a new feature in the future.

It might also be possible to use recovery tests, for example if a certain step fails, execute another test with other steps or the certain parts of the test you want to be executed, however it will require more complex planning on your side by knowing when to invert the step result to fail to call the recovery steps, and what to include in those recovery tests.