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Is there any way to go to a specific step?

The application we are currently testing is unstable, so blank pages often occur.

So, if I try to perform a specific action such as clicking and it fails, I want to move to a higher step and perform it again.

Is there any way to do this function?

Hi @jy_test :slight_smile: ,

Do you mean to repeat the same action just on a different step?

For example, if you have the following steps

  1. Run the app
  2. Move to ticket menu
  3. Move to coupon menu
  4. Click the Get Coupon button - Page Error


When an error occurs in step 6, I want to go back to step 3 and run it again.

It is a situation that cannot be solved by repeating step 6 only.

I want to repeat only some sections of the whole step as above, but I couldn’t find a way. So now, if it fails, it takes a lot of time to run the whole job again.

I would have solved this with one of the following way:

  1. Group steps 3 to 6 and create a test case and use that TC in the recovery step for Step#6
  2. Create coded test case for this kind of scenarios.