Is there any paid support available companies?

The automation tool(paid) which we are using currently provides a proper support. So, if any issue they are helping us ASAP. But due to some reason we are thinking to use Test Project in our automation project. So, here the question is, is there any paid support available? Because some times I see there is no proper response from the engineers here. In case if we face any issue and if we didn’t get any solution or support then it will be problematic for us after started using this tool in the project.

So, Is there any paid support available companies?

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry @megaqa123 But the VP of Tricentis(parent company of Testproject) has made the community aware on several occasions that there will not be any paid support available as this is a free tool. Earlier, this platform used to have tremendous support via chat/email. But now, the platform has a lot of issues with no support. According to the people at Tricentis, there will not be any new features, but their focal point would be to make the platform more stable.

But if your question was for alternatives, then Tricentis itself offers Tosca and Testim(depending upon the platform you are testing). There is Katalon, testcomplete. These are all good options for codeless automation tools(both of them have coding option as well)

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