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Is there a way to use output parameters in open-sdk?

Dear Support

I made coded ParameterizedTest using JUnit5 like → java-opensdk/ParameterizedExampleTest

// https://github.com/testproject-io/java-opensdk/blob/master/src/test/java/io/testproject/sdk/tests/examples/frameworks/junit5/ParameterizedExampleTest.java
@DisplayName("Example Login Test (Parameterized)") 
void testExample(final String name) {

I want to use this test output as input parameter for other test.

In legacy-sdk(v1 - java), the parameter direction could be set using test annotations.

    description = "Contains the number of actual search results",
    direction = ParameterDirection.OUTPUT

document: testproject-sdk-v1/java-sdk#test-annotations

But in open-sdk(v2 - java), i couldn’t find information about the output parameters.
There was only input parameter information.


document: java-opensdk#uploading-parameterized-tests

My question

  • Is there a way to use output parameters as input parameter for other test in open-sdk(ex. JUnit5)?
  • Is legacy SDK the only way to use the output parameter in now (coded test)?

I resolved this problem using generate code feature