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Is there a way to insert current date + 1 business day into a field? [SOLVED]

Is there a Test Project command (either trough the stock commands or through add-ons) that allows one to insert the current date + 1 business day into a field? If so, how would one go about doing so?


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Yes there is :smiley: Check out the Date Time Operations addon. You can get the current date or change the date by adding/subtracting days, hours, minutes, etc. You also need knowledge of how to use parameters.

I haven’t used it for myself but I think you need to follow these steps:

  1. Get today’s date and output that to Parameter A
  2. Use the ‘Set days of a DateTime’ action to add 1 day to Parameter A, output that to Parameter B
  3. Type Parameter B to the field you want.

You did say business day though, so +1 business day sounds tricky. Does that mean Friday + 1 should equal Monday?

Maybe you can experiment with it for now. If you get the answer, let us know how you do! You can mark your own answer solved. That would be an awesome achievement :+1: Of course, if you get stuck I’m sure the community can all help! I can also give it a go if I have more time to do it.

I love a challenge. Hahaha.
Step 4 is filtering the time stamp.
you can skip step 5, its just my way of converting the format to which im comfortable.
Ignore the xpath of step 10, forgot to change it.

so this is my condition. Monday is set to 7(friday).
sample run: Today is Thursday.

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Fantastic Keith, it looks like you have done it!