Is the system down?

Looks to be working again after restarting my agent Docker container (restarting the agent on the desktop client fixes the issue too)

@Ram @s.kravtsov @n.c @dllswbr @clopez

First of all, I want to clarify that we apologize for the inconvenience that you and all the users experience.
We know and understand how important it is for you to continue working on your projects with the help of TestProject.
Important to mention that we are working on certain status in TestProject that will update you when the application is down, and you will be much more prepared whenever it happens.
Currently, all of our services are in the transition to AWS, it should be completed as soon as possible.
Once we finalize the migration, the platform should be faster and much more stable.
And of course, the team and I are here to help whenever you need us we’ll be happy to assist.



We are facing the issue again today since last 1 hour. We are unable to record and run the test scripts. We are seeing this issue almost every day. Could you please let us know how long do we need to face this issue? Please look into it ASAP.

Yes, I am also facing the same from past one hour.

Hi @here,
We are aware of the situtation and we are working to resolve it ASAP,
I will let you know once everything is up and running again.

@Amit.Lacher , Is there any way to track whether it is due to some maintenance or due to a problem from our end. Because in last few days we observe this kind of issues.

Hi @here,
The issue should be fixed.
Let me know if you still experience any issue.

Hi @Ram,
Adding a status page is on our roadmap for the future, at the moment it’s not possible.

Hi @Amit.Lacher,

We are facing the issue again now. It’s almost an hour we are seeing this issue. How soon can we expect the stability of the application? Daily almost 2 hours, we are unable to work on the test project. Please provide the stability ASAP.

@Amit.Lacher , again we are facing the same issue. Will it be the same everyday?
From last few days we are having these issues.

@sandhya.ummareddy @Ram
Sorry for the inconvenience.
We are aware of the issue and we are working as fast as possible to resolve it and get the system back in full operation.

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@alex.ivanov @Amit.Lacher
Now again I am facing the same issue

I am unable to use recorder. It sends error message.

record mode is still broken for me too, sadly.

I can’t edit the elements.

Running tests in record mode seems to be broken again - it was working earlier this morning but now I’m getting the error again

is broken for me too :confused:

Same, any update on when this will be resolved?

and loading Monitor and Reports is taking ages again (if they ever load)

@alex.ivanov any update on these issues?

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Same here with me. Every day after the post lunch (IST) it is happening. When can this be resolved?